Plasma ball

I am trying to create a “plasma ball” like the one on this picture:

and to animate it.

Any help will be appreciated.


This is a toughie - because of all of that randomness it’s a complicated thing to model as a still, nevermind animate. It seems like a fun challenge though.

I’ll try to do it and tell you how I achieve whatever I can manage. To start out, I’m making a sphere and texturing it with a noisy marble procedural. I’m setting high emit values in the material settings and setting up some glow, see news and chat for great glow videos. I’m going to attempt to use particles for the “flame” looking stuff. That will allow me to animate it and keep it’s random look.

One fast way you could do something like this is to add a UV sphere and assign to it a Halo material… Then give it some abstract texture (you can even use the
imge you provided us, or use one of Blender’s procedurals) and play a little bit with the halo settings till you get a nice-looking result…

In order to animate it, besides setting Loc and Rot etc. keys for the Mesh sphere, you can even set keys for the HaloSize value, or you can use animated textures to do so…

The documantation section at has I think a chapter on animated textures…

This way I created this little example for you:

Wish you good luck…

Ico or UV spheres would be the best way to start, though you may want Ico in subsurf because the verticies are pretty even over the shape.

Thanks for your tips.

They are much helpfull.