Plasma Cartridge by FearMan (MR)

FearMan (MR)


Here`s one of my new projects called “Plasma Cartridge”!

Enjoy it! :wink:


wow, where did you get the textures?

Nice texture work!

FearMan (MR)

I have made all the settings for the textures!
Also I have used more than 4 different metallic textures to get this nice material for the cartridge!

If you need high quality-text. you only have to go to “”!!!

Enjoy it!

I don’t agree - the texture work is bad; although you say something different there seem to be no other maps used than colour, which itself is rather randomly put at the object (needless to say it’s streched at the top). The type of the material is unknown to me - it looks like it could be a kind of a metal but it behave like a concrete. A lot of further work here…

The window and the gauge throw off the textures. For the grenade to be that scratched and damaged, the widow would have broke and the gauge would be really messed up. The contrast between the damaged and undamaged parts doesn’t look right.

i can see texture stretching on this. :confused:
why not add a spec map to this?

I disagree, I think that specularity(much like HDR) is overrated. Sure things shine, but it’s usually way overdone and quite distracting. There is a bit of stretching, it seems particularly noticeable at the transition from the cylindrical body to the taper of the top portion. I might suggest using a bit of bump mapping to give the texturing some dimension.

My biggest point would be the way the gauge just seems to intersect the top portion of the cartridge. There needs to be some sort of transition between the two textures. Maybe do a bit of work to the geometry and add a crease or a boss. Also, the textures for the gauge are too clean. Add some dents, scratches, dirt, etc. to make it better match the body of the cartridge.

Just my $0.02, and the fact I need to pad my post count, so take it for what it’s worth.


Other then what has already been said, the only thing left to mention is the fact that the glow off the plasma “window” isn’t quite right; it only glows side to side. Wouldn’t it, seeing as the plasma itself is emitting the light, glow in a more circular way?

anyways, just my opinion :slight_smile:

I agree with Johnny and 2winged, though overall I think it’s still a pretty cool piece. Is this going to be used for something (game, animation, etc.) or is it just a stand-alone project?


That’s right
I’m working on an object for the G.E.C.K of the game “Fallout 3”!;
and yes
the textures on the top of the cartridge and also the glow-effect is still not so good!!!
Some finishing touch will change that!!!

And I will continue the work on the mesh object after I will come back from the holiday!!!

the glow looks a little off, but the cartridge is really nice

nice texture

FearMan (MR)


here is the newCartridge:


  • RenderTime: 29,5 sec.
  • Size: 412x800

Enjoy it!!! :wink:

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wow, use full!

i think that lens distortion is way over the top. get ride of that, sharpen those textures because they look blurred and then you’ll have a nice textured object. i would prefer to see this object in some kind of room, all that blackness around the object doesn’t help it as an image…

edit - sorry if this seems overly rude, im a bit blunt some times…

What does the composite node look like?

Is it made fro GE, it looks like it anyway. Texture seems somehow “streched out”… Also there isnt any proper border between the tank mainmesh and the glowy windowy thing. I mean it looks like the glow part has just been slapped on it.

FearMan (MR)

No, it’s not made from G.E.C.K!