Plasma Envelope Project

Here is a simulation I am working on, I want it to eventually be based on real physics…

I like the effect. Is it a rail gun? I was thinking that the rods burn up so fast that a liner motor would be a good stater to shoot it into the rails. If that is a rail gun.
Humm Michigan and Cali you must be part of that summer migration. We have friends that came down till they got old.

Its more of a generic to be replaced with insert your drive here, it could be a rail gun, or Gauss etc. the idea is for a space vehicle to use its heat shield plasma as propellant, by accelerating the plasma envelope, I need more data and help frankly to fill in the gaps and make it real,

The idea is to use a launcher to get a craft up fast enough for the plasma super-cavitation envelope drive to kick in, then get to orbit, and possibly use the skip concept to go into higher and higher orbits,