Plasma physics in Smoke/fire sim

I have faked plasma before in blender using particles as emmiters and the smoke has 1 frame of life, so the charged particles are represented by the emmited smoke, but can someone code plasma into the sim itself? If energy is greater then x ionisation etc occur?

Here is a particle animation using charges, and invisible “bowl” that acts as gravity,
This is similar to the effect plasma would have, but Not stable.

To note.

The [Dev] prefix is mainly used for threads that talk about actual changes to Blender code, this isn’t about an actual new feature, but a feature request.

As for having plasma effects itself, wouldn’t this be better suited for the SPH particles once Cycles has support for the point density texture, as the smoke is better suited for larger effects?

Please don’t put [Dev] in the title of a thread that amounts to a feature request

I can already do it with a separate smoke based on the same point density, and different settings, however this requires blending together 2 smoke emitters using an action, and dirty, compared to having heat = ignition level, and past that, heat=plasma ionization,

this could generate effects like lightning, potentially… if the plasma “ignition point” traveled through the point density constrained to a axis, following the points of highest “temp diff” Pew! Pew!

What you might want (and would be useful for many others), would be to have new mappable particle attributes based on physics such as temperature and energy.

This would be exposed through the Particle Info node in Cycles which would then, through support of the point density texture, be used to make your plasma.