Plasma Pistol - Low Poly Game Art

A low poly model of a plasma (or blasma?) pistol, based off of a concept I found by Kent Chau. Great concept to work from.
838 polys

and the high poly:

Set up some material nodes to change the color of the decals and lights:

This looks awesome, really good textures. Reminds me alot of Borderlands with the grungy-sci-fi. I see a couple triangles that could easily become quads, but that probably doesn’t matter depending on the game engine.

maybe you could make the plasma change color while shooting

Awesome! :slight_smile:

A video of the model on youtube:

Aww man I love this! The color variation adds so much!

Great job, you have to share some of your texturing secretes with us

Looks awesome! Reminds me of borderlands as well, very good job with the textures mate!

It would be really awesome if you can make a texturing tut! like right from the uv unwrapping to making the textures, as well as all the maps, to applying them to the model. (if you deside to, it would be nice if you used gimp or or something opensourse/free :p)

I don’t really dig the colour style but that’s just personal taste. Otherwise about the glowing parts on the cylinder above the handle - I guess they can be improved to look better with this geometry (the edges are a bit too notice-able), haven’t tried anything like this though so don’t take my word seriously :slight_smile: Otherwise superb.

Its got an X-Com vibe that I really dig.

I love the pistol rainbow. :stuck_out_tongue:
Too bad it isn’t a perfect setup. You didn’t use a separate map for the color mapping did you?

The pistol reminds me a lot of Borderlands.

I want the red one!! Looks so powerful! I’d use it to shoot down hornets in mid flight. Those suckers wouldn’t know what hit them :smiley:
Than I would make a pedestal for it and admire it’s awesomeness :smiley:

I was expecting the Halo plasma pistol. Lol. This is very nice. As was stated above, “you have to share your texturing secrets with us!”

mah boi Halo is not what we all strive for :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t use a seperate texture for the colored portions, no. For the rainbow, I basically chroma keyed out the red, orange, and green parts, and replaced them with other colors using nodes.

It is looking like eye some candy gun. I like it a lot. Is it real time?

Sweet work.

There appears to be a problem with the normal map though. Seems to not be showing the details of the high poly model. I think if you tweak it you’ll get a better finished product.

How the crap muffins did you do that? Please Respond!