Plasma thruster

Googled around for some particle thruster tutorials and such but didnt manage to find any good ones. So i decided to make one my self and came up with a pretty decent looking thruster effect by combining particle lines with some compositing nodes.

Could probably be made alot more good looking give some more time but i wanted to keep the render time to about 4 seconds per frame so i cut down on the qualety a bit.

Video qualety is a bit of to the original render. Here’s a pic to compare to.

not bad, just need to attach it to a big ship or rocket! :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding. it’s good to do these “tests” so you know how to do them if you need something similar in a bigger project.:slight_smile:

Looking really nice. Thats just about it XD

any chance of looking at the blend file to see how you do it dude.

I Imagine that you achieved this with halos vertex parented to animated curves…or something along those lines, that yuo then used a glare node on. Would that be correct?

@wefyb. Yeah something like that. I used lines and extended them backwards and forwards a bit while modifying the halo material. Some blend sphearical texture to controll the speed of the of the particles to be a bit slower in the center, and a force to get the desierd bend to the center. And added the glare afterwards.

@svndysn. Sure thing.

Well, I didn’t quite do what you just explained, but what I understood from your first post gave me an idea for achieving a certain effect. It definitely looks better than what I had before, so thank you for the point in a better direction.