Surely the greatest version of pong ever invented, EVER!!!.

fun game. i played it back when this happened:

I’ve played it since version 1.0. Fun game.

Windows and Mac only eh. Ah well, I’ll live.

Fantastic game, I’ve been playing it for a few months myself.

It works very well under wine, but not at all if you have sound disabled. So, enable Wine’s sound, and it works perfectly, except the sound doesn’t work correctly. So, then you turn the speakers off.

maybe it’s my graphics card, but running this program under the latest wine is very choppy (~5-15fps)

Sounds like fun, but the site appears to be down.
I’ll try again some other time.

Then it would be very choppy under Windows as well, unfortunately. Try to lower the quality settings.


(ten chars, eh?)

the site is broken :frowning:

That might mean there will be a new version.

It is very disappointing to learn about a cool game and watch examples on youtube only to find that the site is down.

Damn, i must have downloaded it just in time, at least i’ve got the setup file somewhere, top score so far is level 30.

I like the way you can add your own battle song if you want, as long as you give it the correct name in the correct folder, it can be very ammusing listening to a song, speeding up…

Oh yeah, sorry for not searching for a previous thread about Plasmapong but the excitement got the better of me.

Can someone please find a website that is hosting the game?

This link should do you good, 1.3c is the latest version of it.

google “plasmapong mirror”

everything on google in that category is down too!:mad:

My personal best is level 40- w00t.

Yeah, I even tried the cached pages. They will display properly but, clicking the download link returns an error page. Looks like a fun time-waster…