Plasmoid attack 2

Hulls were made using procedurals and displacement mapping

Try using the other star method, Blender’s internal stars aren’t that great…

why don’t you post this in your previous thread? :-?

It’s a completely different image and the second image I put in there was for a displacement example and filled up the title space.

Yeah I agree about not using blenders star generator, personally I’d just use an image map of stars, look more realistic.

I like the explosion, it looks nice. Are they supposed to be spaceships crashing though? If they are they look too simple, one is just a tube, the other kind of triangular. Try sketching some designs first, then implementing them in 3D.

The displacement mapping is well done

All I like is the explosion effect. I’m not sure what the rest should be, maybe a spaceship???

Anyway, seeing other pictures from you, I think you can do much better. If you put more effort to it you can model a good looking spaceship easily.

I like to see that in the last part of this trilogy, Plasmoid Attack 3

??? Because you don’t know who to use it.
This was done with the internal star generator.
Kansas, if you want to get this effect, just copy my settings:
1-In editbutton of the camera, set the clip end to 1000 so you can see as much stars as you can.
2-In the world setting, star setting:
-stardist 70: each star will be at 70 from the other, which give you a way less clutered screen
-mindist 500: stars start to be seen at 500 of distance from the cam, you just set the endclip of the camera to 1000 so you’ll see 500 blender units of stars, but far away.
-size 0.5: Don’t need to render big white dot if you want to give the impression they are far away.
colnoise 0: give random color to stars, leave to 0 (white) as i never saw mulicolor sky at night. :wink:
here is the result, minus the planet of course:
to get a white milky way behind the stars so your background isn’t totaly black, you can add a texture to the world, a cloud one and an other one as stencil to block the first one. You better get the blend file and have a peek at the setting yourself.

Wow, pretty good for generated stars! Thanks for the tip.

yea the in built star generator is quite good when you know how to use it…it is possible making realistic star map using it. But sometimes it’s just easier to use a star map texture applied on an uvsphere around the scene

okay, well yes that’s the easy way…

Before I heard that I wasn’t really planning a trilogy, but come to think of it I may do that, i’m thinking of either a huge army with lasers shooting everywhere or a ship with a huge drill going into another one. Anyway, I may do those in the next two images and both if they are made will have displacement mapping.

Ok, the stars are too thick, the “hulls” on both of your “ships” are same. I can’t tell where one ship starts, and another ends. In fact, I didn’t know what I was looking at. The hull on any vehicle I’ve ever seen (sci-fi or real) were never that spiky.

And these models should be more detailed. I say MODEL not TEXTURE. 90% of all your images contain primitives.

The sparks; however are the best part of the pic.

Hope you improve, because the better you do, the funner it actually is!

Well, this picture has a lot of action in it, that’s for sure. But I still can’t help thinking the ships look like big blobs of crumpled tinfoil.

I think what this image is really lacking subtlety. I think a lot of the textures are totally overdone, robbing the picture of any potential for realism. Somehow the picture quality also doesn’t look that good…maybe it’s compression or something.

Kansas, do you agree with the crits lots of people have made about the spaceships being too simple in terms of modelling?
You don’t seem to have responded to the comments lots of people made…

For the third part I’d suggest drawing a concept, and then modelling it.