Plastic Bag in Wind and Blowing Particles across 'Paths'

Hello Blender Artists!

I’ve been attempting to teach myself some new techniques with a specific end goal in mind, I’ve recently completed working through several of Blender Guru’s tutorials (creating sparks to start working with particles, the flag blowing in the wind to start understanding some dynamics of cloth / wind interaction) but I have a few specific questions / am curious if some of the following is possible.

The original idea is to have a series of plastic bags slowly blow their way into the scene and begin to accumulate en mass (in the beginning maybe one will be blowing around in the manner of this incredible scene from american beauty but over time there may slowly gather dozens and dozens). In the beginning I’d like them to lilt and float around randomly (the best solution here seems to manually animate the creation and movement of wind generators to give the effects of ‘swirling’ wind being buffeted by walls, etc…) and have each ‘bag’ be a particle being generated by particle system. After many of them have gathered I’d like to have them start blowing in very specific ‘paths’ and here I am completely bewildered: ideally, I’d like to have all of the plastic bags be ‘blown’ into patterns (for instance, they may all begin to blow in a ‘figure 8’ or ‘infinity symbol’ pattern).

So my final questions are these:

  1. Is there a good way to model a ‘cloth’ object with an open interior (the ‘inside’ of the bag) so that it will be effected by the wind and carried about?

  2. Is it possible to create a particle system where each ‘particle’ is the mesh object of the plastic bag where each is effected individually by the wind system?

  3. Finally, is it possible to make a particle system blow about or follow a ‘path’ (or perhaps a bezier curve?)

Thank you very much for all of your help and time in advance! I’m somewhat proficient in Blender at my level but this is reaching into new territory so even suggestions for other threads / tutorials dealing with parts of this project would be very much appreciated!