Plastic Meat

Hi! attaching one of my last animation experiments. I have used 2.8 enterely. I used it since several months and think now is quite stable and improved. Except little things we lost on the way, like local render view or sculpt with subsurface modifier. In this project I really appreciate to work with skin modifier and bendy bones. Hope u like :slight_smile:


I needed to go through it frame by frame to see what you did there. Truly very inventive the gimmicks you employ to get the traditional cartoony style, I much prefer this technique to just the ordinary rigged puppet you see in most 3D animation.


Brilliant! That cartoony “blur” works really well!

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Animation is really smooth.

I agree, I feel more confortable in a easy rigging workflow. So I recommend to explore this bendy bones technic:


You’re #featured! :+1:

Ok you are my new hero.

Amazing animation; lively and very fun to watch!

I created a blender artist account just to favorite this and leave a comment. Awesome work!


This is amazing and suited really well the character. It would be awesome if the early easy rigging concept was further developed. I mean… the way of converting grease pencil strokes into bones, like in this video:

thanks to all :slight_smile: and welcome @BlendGRH to this blender community :slight_smile: . @dimitribastos it’s a matter of time more tools like this will come. But #easyrigging is more an abstract idea. A garden to play in :stuck_out_tongue:

enjoy this video where Daniel M. Lara talk about it:

Those effects are so clever! Amazing work!

Oh wow, best animation I’ve ever seen posted on this forum.
Great timing, bouncing motion and smear.
The Blender animation studio guys at the institute could learn a lot from you.

This is incredibly well done example demonstrates how the old 2d animation principles also can be applied to 3d animation: the motion takes priority over form and shape. This leads to a really fluid looking motion despite that some frames of the animation look really weird.

I’ve just never seen this being done this well with 3d models! :open_mouth:

Where can I learn something like this?

thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

@thelowerpoly: generally 3D animation is based on the traditional 2D animation. So a good start would be check main masterpieces about it, for example Richard Willians’ “the animators survival kit”.


Are there any tutorials or downloadeable rigs or characters done with #easyrigging

This is wonderful!!

Very good expressive animation!

I think #easyrigging is just a way of thinking, keep simplicity instead of sophistication. You can experiment with blender’s rigify armature. It has “switching IK/FK system”, but still remains simple :slight_smile:

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This animation is great!