plastic texture

ok, so i woke up this morning, and got a bit bored. As i was sittin down, i saw a mini screwdriver sitting next to my computor, so i decided to model it, as well as another screwdriver, an awl (how u spell dat), a nut, and bolt. Im gonna make a screw, but im looking for some help with the plastic. How do i make it bend the image of the stuff behind it, like distortion. I want it to be clear, but the kind of clear that you cant realy see anything clearly through, How do i make it do this. Im still working on my texturing skills.


:slight_smile: Hello Guitarplay
I think you need to play with the IOR setting - the IOR for plastic is 1.460 and the setting for plexiglass is 1.50, so somewhere in there is where you want it. You can also play with the fresnel setting to kind of decrease the transparency for the angle of light. I haven’t done too many tests on this to get it exact, but it has proven useful on a transparent sphere to make the objects behind appear to warp in view. Just remember to compensate for the spec - I always have a problem with getting a proper spec highlight on my plastic.
Hope it helps.

aight. Il do that. I know where fresle is i think, and il look for ior, but if you could tell me where it is that would work. Otherwise im sure il find it.

OK, i found it and it did what i wanted, il fool around with some shit to fix it up and get it exactly what i want, but for now, its good. Thanks a lot