Plastic translucent Milk Jug half full

Does anyone know how I can make a plastic container (milk jug) that is semi translucent and look like it is half full? Half full of milk or a colored juice. Actually a COLORED JUICE would be more impressive.

I searched everywhere this weekend and find nothing useful.

However! SSS seems to get me in the right direction, but I lose a lot of the surface details and “normals” details.

Here’s what I am trying to achieve from an image I found while surfing…


is this in cycles ?
might be easier to do but no SSS this week yet !
but should come in 2.67

just add transp material to plastic and inside make it whitish mat!


Thanks! I actually got an effect that I need, based on your suggestion (and a high OIR), and still got to use SSS.

show us some pic
normal blend or cycles ?

with cycles should be easy to do !


I don’t know what cycles are. I haven’t used anything above Blender 2.49 until this weekend. I can’t get used to the new version ever since 2.5 came out.

Without SSS (below).


cycles is the new renderer in blender
and the old one might not be there for very long
how long ?

so you should try to get use to the latest build
in any case it is way more powerfull and flexible then 2.49

check out cgcookie for some intro video to 2.6
also blenderguru

if you upload file i can add some mat in cycles should be easy to do!


I tried uploading the Blend file (packed)19MB nothing appears here.

I think what you may need here is 'transparent absorption…

go here and watch this…

wow 19 MB for a bottle
here no more then 1 MB !

try to compress it and keep only bottle!


Oh, I had a few UV maps and an HDRI environment map. Here it is…

Thanks! Its been a while that I have used blender for fun. I usually use it for simple piping plans, for jobsites.


sample-008.blend (1.2 MB)

seems that 1/2 faces in the back biottle are missing
i’ll redo these!

one problem i see here is the outside bottle are not part of the mat bottle on one side!
but could be not drawing all edges

coming with cycles file


The hidden faces show up with Alt-H
It is only necessary 1 mesh for the milk (remove the mesh with the milk material at container mesh)
For material milk, apply only the SSS and “receive transparent shadow”
Here the file:sample-008.blend (1.2 MB)

i’'v re spin the bottle anyway
this H thing is a pain i the neck !

working on cycles mat now


Alt+H reveals the hidden vertices.
I only hid them to assign a color material to the inner wall.
I tried “mano-wii” version. Nice technique, but not what I am looking to do.

I am trying to get this effect:


sample-cycles2.blend (1.05 MB)

was doing some testing here
but you talk about a transp mat !

this is not a glass or transp plastic
it looks more like a solid plastic !

here are some test

open file without GUI so you can see the nodes set up at top

don’t forget here that in cycles
there is always some radiosity on!

it is more photo or physicaly realist then blender

i’ll get blue bottle


if you want more precision
you can increase in render panel the number of samples
like 500 ro 1000 but takes more time
if you have GPU will be much faster
also play with the light set up


The liquid changes the visual characteristics of the plastic to be touched in the real world.
But I used only 1 material for plastic.

Here the. Blend:sample-008.blend (1.66 MB)

@mano-ii Thanks, that looks pretty good. I like the plastic.
Thanks to everyone else too. I have been trying out the files here. I need more practice and brushing up. :slight_smile: