Plate modelling

I do a lot of drawings for parts similar to the one below (shows front ans side view of a plate with drilled holes) and was wondering if people could offer some suggestions as to the best way to model it. Booleans are okay for some things but I’m having trouble with finding a good way to get the shape of the plate modelled. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I would model the holes first and then extrude out for the rest of it . Make one hole and extude out a little ,scale verts to zero in x & y axis to starighten up the edges, make duplicates of this for however many holes are needed move em to place, scale them, then join them up and extrude out to the rest of the shape.

i would trace the edges with vertices, then subdivide a bit, add circles where the holes are, ( if you moved your cursor before adding the circles use the snap function to get it back to the right plane ) select all and hit shift-F to fill, or fill it manually and then just extrude the whole thing down a bit.

Modron: That seems to do the trick. I tried doing in that fashion but I didn’t know about the Fill command, so making the faces was taking forever. Thanks a lot.

I’m still open to trying other methods as well if anyone has some. It never hurts to try alternative ways of doing things.

oh, i should mention, once you do shift-F you usually will want to do an alt-F as well, which tends to give it a bit better topography than just shift F.