Plate seams

I’m tinkering with modeling some super hero armor plating, and I’m trying to put some seams in the chest plate, like small raised panels, or possibly like how a car door edge meets the main body. If I pull the edge inwards a little, then the whole face indents & I don’t get the effect I’m looking for. Do I want to add more edge loops where I want the seam to be, or create an additional panel on another layer, then parent it to the original?

Err… What?
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More edge loops is probably the better way to go, a screen grab would be helpful though.
If they are stuck together pretty tightly it’s just fine to use one mesh for it all, but if you want them to move around a bit more freely then it might be a good idea to make multiple objects, all depends on what your going for.

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I assume your using subsurf…

The best way to put indents and reliefs in (without using bump maps) is to use extrude.

First add edge loops to get the topology you want then select the faces and press extrude then enter
Then grab them and move them (otherwise the extrude forces you to go in the direction it wants - I think this is perpendicular to the face(s) selected but as I rarely want to go in that direction I do it the way I stated)

If you are using subsurf, you need to select the edge you want to sharpen and use shift+e
bear in mind if you want a ‘box’ effect you have to sharpen the sides as well as the top of that extrude… Keep it in solid mode so you can see the degree of sharpness while you do it.