Platform tracks with no IPO's (platform moves along a track), (V. 2.0)

TrackEx.blend (121 KB)
TrackEx249.blend (396 KB) (for 2.49b)

TrackEx25.blend (199 KB)

Putting this feature in your own game is easy, just append the 4 objects with actual names and vertex parent a platform to the center-front verticie in the wheel, then adjust the track all you want as long as the width and depth stays the same, or make a new one or multiple ones because there’s no rigid body joints and IPO’s to mess with.

Use the invisible plane objects to help the wheel go all the way around the track, attach a platform to the wheel using vertex parent, or maybe you want the end of the track open so the wheel falls off the end in which case you add another plane which disables the motion actuator on collision with the wheel.

NOTE: I originally intended for this to be a python-free example for beginners but I changed it to use a script as it’s important to get beginners knowing basic python as soon as possible.

NOTE2: Made in 2.5, but should work in 2.49 too as it doesn’t use 2.5-only features.

EDIT1: Version 2.0 for 2.5 is up

-Shiny new materials for the wheel and track
-Adjusted friction and wheel-size for good stability
-New code in the script that allows for curves with the help of an additional object
-Turn property toggle objects that lock the wheel to a certain rotation outside of the curve (for more stability)
-2 ends where the wheel goes back and forth between, it turns back when it reaches the objects at the ends.
-More use of object properties to make the speed more adjustable

Note if you have the friction too high or something and the wheel gets practically stuck in the turn there’s a glitch where it will do a 180 then, but at the current friction settings that pretty much never happens.

Sorry my friend, but it doesn’t matter if it uses new features or not…it won’t work in lower levels. There will probably be data loss.

It works if you append everything from the 2.5 file to 2.49b, then give a minute to inspect materials and change the sky color:eyebrowlift:

I just used that little appending trick to save a 2.49 version and attach it in the first post, pressing ‘P’ actually works unlike pressing it after opening the 2.5 file directly.

Cool. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Great job! Really cool.

You should make it so that you can reverse the directions. Also, you should name your script.

Interesting approach. Looks nice (2.49).

may I suggest to give your script a meaningfull name? Text.001 is not that good for a valuable script.


Got around to upload Version 2.0 for 2.5, 2.5 only because it uses some changes made in the Mathutils module in 2.5 builds (after alpha1)

Doesn’t work on 2.59.2 :frowning: but i kind of expected it… any thoughts?