Platformer Concept

Hi guys,

I’ve been working for the last few weeks on a concept of a little platformer. The hero is a little red panda.

I am kinda stuck because of its design, I try to give him a nice looking style but it is very difficult !

The story hasn’t been set yet, but basically the purpose is to defeat a band of bad pandas (the black and white ones this time ;)). For now, in each level you have to recover x blue balls in order to have access to the exit.

The original thing in this project is that I would like the player to find “ways” to eliminate the enemy indirectly. In fact, It is not possible to kill them by jumping or by any other “direct” attack. So the player would have to find, for example, an interruptor that activate a rock that would fall over the enemy’s head.

Here is some screenshots of the first level (tutorial level), this is what I’ve done so far. All the in game system (jumping, falling, being hurt and all the animations) are done.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Looks nice from the screenshots,to gain more feedback I would suggest to create a small video showcasing some of the core gameplay from the tutorial level which you have created

good luck :wink:

Perhaps a little too bright with the greens, but overall this appears to have a nice and cute aesthetic.
It would be very nice to see a presentation video or a small playable of what you’ve created so far.
From what I read in your description, this could turn out as a fun and kid friendly game to play.

I really like the aesthetic you’ve got so far - very organic and familiar. I personally think the entire thing should be 2D, or at least feel 2D somehow, because of how effective the bamboo background is at setting the stage.
I think you should try to compress the gameplay experience so that the player can get into the thick of it mere seconds after pressing Play. Right now, the platforms are much wider than the protagonist and make it feel almost like a melee fighting game. I like the idea of using the environment to overcome adversaries – maybe the hero could carry something and use it to advance this mission. That way, they wouldn’t have to work as hard moving through the level and back again, and there’s possibility for intense, narrow evasions as the player tries to get the item into place. Anyway, I really like what you’ve shown so far! It feels very authentic!