Play 2 actions simultaneous?

Hello, I’ve a figure that I want it to be both playing shapekeys on the timeline and motion. Let’s say I’ve it deforming and I want it also to change locations, the problem I am facing is that either it does one action or another, it doesn’t matter the priority or the options I change it always do the same. I can’t seem to be able to perform both actions in the same object I don’t know why. It’s a pacman opening and closing the mouth (shapekeys) and moving (animation) and I don’t want to use the keys for the motions. I just want to be able to do both actions simultaneous, is it possible?

you move the whole actor with physics or object.worldPosition or a motion actuator.

you don’t use animations to move**

now about playing 2 animations, have you read about layers?

there are also some bugs with blending 2 actions, so make sure your not animating the same bones in both animations.

Hum, I think I don’t get it. I have my character with shapekeys (base and key1) and I want it to change between key1 and base (value 0-1 of the shapekey) while moving location. The thing is when I connect both action nodes, either it plays one or another and not both. It’s a single character.

you don’t use actions to move - use the movement logic brick on a parent item, with your gfx mesh parented to it.

Where is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

add actuator - motion

in a cube (set cube invisible) parent your graphics mesh or armature to the cube

move the cube with movement actuator- and play actions in the gfx mesh with action actuator

Solved. Thank you.