play an action ignoring current time of the scene

Hellouu BH, I have a “little” question… I hope you can help me.
Is there a way to play an animation, an action, but ignoring current time of the scene?.. cause I want to “trigger” an animation based on events… an event could be an object approaching to another object (the distance between them plays an action). My idea is for automate a few tasks instead of animating every object by myself, I’m not a scripter but I can write few lines… I just need some help :(.
Well, that’s all, thanks for reading!! :smiley:

You probably need some to use the full power of the GE.
In the Logic editor you can make visible 30 scenes, possible to be activated by events … , time indepent or not …

See the small circle under ‘Controllers’ and click on it …

Hey PKHG… I’m not even beginner with the Blender Game Engine so I don’t know where is the small circle that you are talking :s … but maybe the GE could work well… I’ll try.

see the picture :smiley:

The upper part is in the logic editor without a click then with.
I think that this could be used to solve your wish.

Thanks for the help PKHG, I’ll try to do some BGE’s stuffs.