Play an animation in game from local coordinates

I have tried so many different things to try and do this, people have said to parent the thing youre animating to an empty, I’ve tried that and it still resets to the beginning every time the animation is activated in game. I need it to start from where it ends up after the last time it played the animation. It’s just a rotation keyframe, there isn’t a location one. I am at my wits you’d think this would work. To activate the animation in game, touch the cube near the player.

Blend file:

check this out not that you should not learn about actions but,

this is a better solution for your issue


KeypressRot.blend (445 KB)

Ok ill check this out, thanks for the help

OK! I think I understand. Thank you so much, this will simplify my logic bricks a lot and hopefully make it work.

this does work, the last build you had didn’t though. thanks!

No problem

Ok so I have everything set up and it works in three directions, but for some reason it doesn’t work for down. It moves 1 degree and then stops, as far as I can tell its all the same logic bricks. Maybe you know what I did wrong just from the description?
Blend File:

Ok, in your property interval sensor, min is:-1 and max:-89

it is the other way around,

Correct->Min:-89 max:-1

yours ->

-89 is lower than -1

thank you so much! That was a pretty dumb mistake :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll learn eventually

It took me LOT of trial and error to make this “setup”

Note that using this + actions controlled by the property is “Slick”

(not negative values though as they don’t allow negative time in blender :frowning: )