Play anim broken!

Blender 2.41 windoze, the Play function for Anim renders was working the other day and has now ceased! Can a .blend file kill this function? I am just rendering seperate jpeg frames and wonder if there is a setting that I amy have changed by accident?

Help pls

Further I have looked at other .blend files and they work fine. Are there any reasons that a rendered anim wouldn’t play back (the temp path is correct)?

Are you sure all the file(s) are there and that the blendfile still correctly points to them?


Have you filled in a filename as well as a path in the output tab in the Scene (F10) buttons? You don’t need to do so, but it will make things very messy, if you only have a path there, and render animations from different files to the same location, especially if the files have different settings for the end-frame. Without a filename, your files will just be named ‘0001.{jpg/png…}’.

I would suggest a different render directory for each blender file, or name your render output files uniquely, or manually go in and delete files out of your temp directory before rendering.


Thanks mstram, I will try unique naming (at work now have to try later) but all my other projects have NO problems just using the tmp dir and naming as 0001 etc. I just wondered if there was a setting that I may have clicked on or a memory problem with the app.

I’m guessing the problem might be to do with Blender’s image sequence detection, which is frankly, quite crappy :slight_smile: Try to keep your filenames as simple as possible like blah0001.png. If there are two blocks of numbers like 04blah0001.jpg it will fail.

I really hope the whole image sequence functionality in Blender (esp with using image sequences as textures, composite nodes) is cleaned up some time soon.