play animation before ending scene?

i have a pop up menu in my game which plays an animation when it is overlayed onto the main scene, but when i want to close the scene, i use the remove scene actuator, and the same controller plays the closing animation, but the closing animation is not seen as the scene ends at the exact same time as the animation begins, thus the animation does not play, is there a way(besides using a property to play the animation) to play the animation before ending the scene?

any help appreciated


You can choose a property where the current frame of the action will be stored in the action actuator.

If your action ends at frame 60, you should create a property sensor that will detect if the property is equal to 60. You can use that sensor to activate the end scene actuator.

It might sounds stupid, but what about ending the scene after the animation ends, rather then before the animation begins?

Sounds like what you described above? Yes, unfortunately you did not tell that the bge. You told the bge to play an animation and to end the scene at the same time.