play animation on local cordinates

hi blenderartists!
i have an empty wich i use for creating explosions, the empty plays an animation wich modifies its location, but i want this animation(action) to play on the current cordinates of the empty, the problem is that when i add it, anywhere in the space, it teleports to the place where the animation was made, and plays the animation in the center of the space

I’m not too sure how to do this efficiently, but here’s an idea.

Make an armature and leave the default bone. Go into pose mode and make the animation you want the empty to play. Now, select the empty and then select the bone (not the armature) and parent them. Make sure you choose “Parent to Bone”. Notice how the empty follows the bone. Now if you move the armature itself, the animation will play locally (like usual) and the empty will follow.

If you still want to use IPOs, I think you can still do the same thing but parenting the empty to another object, and animate the empty. If you move the object instead of the empty, the IPO should play “locally”… However; I’m not totally sure about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that helps.

hey thanks! i think that the second choice is a bit better, cause it can support a LOT of explosions in screen, while the armature thing will lag horribly when there are many explosions, cause each one is playing its own animation, this way, they all play the same animation and the game runs without lag :smiley:
i used the second thing, it worked great ,thanks :smiley: