Play AVI files as cut-scene... in BGE - HOW?

Ok, so I can do IPO, which are Blender animation by interpolations, or Action , or Shape Action- all fine BUT what if I want to play movie clips ??? (meaningmovies made elsewhere, AVIs and such)

The closest I’ve come was with animated textures, but that seems to be limited to 128 frames… I could split a 1500 frames AVI in increments and play them in succession, i guess…

Anyything else- ah yes calling an external program to play the movie: fill the screen, play and quit back to the game… Is this cross-platform? ( a recipe that I’ve not discovered yet, probably involves Python…)

Any other ideas? Thanks

ashsid made a video texture plugin that allows you to play AVI files as textures, not sure if it works with the current version. Search for it and try it out.

Yes, looks interesting BUT we need cross-platformability… It’s a thing about this project :wink: (for elementary school kids for which our upcoming game is targeted: they have Macs, PCs, and the odd Linux here and there)

Any other possibilities?

Search for fmv-ed.