Play back rendered animation in Mac


I’ve just tried playing back rendered animations for the first time on a Mac, and I’m getting no response. I know where the renders are, and they seem to be accessible, permissions look okay, etc, but when I press “Play” or select “play back rendered animation” I get nothing. Any Mac users know the fix for this?



What format did you save it as? I am not sure how to fix the internet player, but you can always play the videos with VLC, the one player that plays them all :smiley:


I’m talking about still frames. In this case Targa, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I want to play the animation back within Blender.



that one’s easy to answer. see

hope it helps! if not, ask again…

if you put the path and filename prefix in the Render output field and set your ANIM button start and end, then just press Play. (i don’t think u need Do Composite on), it will play back the image sequence. Also have to match img format (TGA) so it knows what extension to look for.

Thanks. The rendering is fine, the render output is set correctly, and all the files are going where I want them to go. The problem is only in playback. I’ve never had this problem with PC, so my first guess was that it had to do with read/write permissions on the Mac or something. I’m still getting used to my Mac. I still don’t understand how Mac decides which directories are worth showing in the windows and which need to be accessed via command line, for example… But I tried several different output locations and fiddled around with permissions so this doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Hmmm, going through the memory banks I can only think of two possibilities:

1: Make sure the Blender application has not been renamed. It must be called “blender”. I started renaming mine to reflect the version number but playback got broke in the process. Just fixing the name fixed the problem as I recall. If you want them identifiable in the Dock, then make aliases and give these unique names. Put the aliases in the dock.

2: If you’ve played the animation in Quicktime and forgotten to close it. This will prevent rendering but I’m not sure if it also affected playback in blender.

Hi AndyD, thanks for the reply.

Put the aliases in the dock.

Hm… This could be it, I’ll have to check. I have one called blender and one called blender-CVS. If they both have the same name will that make it impossible to run them simultaneously I wonder? (This, “one instance at a time” rule of mac’s is a bit of a pet peeve of mine…)

Quicktime… I’ll double check to make sure it’s good and killed. Although I can’t usually play much of anything with Quicktime, much less still sequences.

I’ve had up to three versions of Blender running at once under 10.3.9 so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I don’t usually try to run two apps at once but most of my apps are multi-document design apps so it isn’t usually necessary.

There’s an extension for Quicktime called Flip4Mac which adds a little more usability to it. In particular it lets QT play avi, wmv and asf files and it does this far better than Windows Media Player (Mac) does.

QT-Player won’t allow you to download embedded movies (like Apple Movie Trailers) and insists you get Pro to do it despite the fact the data has already been transferred and is probably cached on your HD in an encrypted format (it never used to be encrypted and not so long ago you coulkd easily d/l movs but Apple would really like you to buy QT-Pro so they apparently spend a lot of time and effort finding new and more complex ways to make it difficult to do simple things). You can avoid this either by a variety of tricks or with one of the video extensions/plug-ins for Firefox.

That’s an odd problem. I’ve never had that problem with my Mac, but I doubt it has anything to do with the permissions.

You could also try adding the images in the sequencer, then render as a quicktime file with “Do Sequence”… that probably won’t help you view it in Blender, but you could at least view it in Quicktime.

I still don’t understand how Mac decides which directories are worth showing in the windows and which need to be accessed via command line, for example.

Basically, they don’t want users to easily be able to get to the system files, so everything at the root (except for the few directories that average users should need to access) are hidden in the finder.

I renamed my main executable from “Blender” to “blender” but I’m still having the same problem. Very strange… Not a big show stopper, since I still do most of my animation on a PC, (or I could output a movie, as Trevor suggested) but still a bit of a pain. I’ll keep playing around with it.

Hmmm, I would have sworn it would be renaming. Glad I didn’t put money on it.

Is the app in the applications folder? I don’t know if it matters but everything’s worth a try I guess.

Your next port of call is the Console to see if there’s any error reporting. I just found my playback thread and this is how I tracked my problem and Kattkieru confirmed there could be a naming “issue”. (The stuff in my error report about Scanner Private Context and Vendor ID is a Canon scanner bug so ignore all that if you read that thread).

It seems that the blender app may not always be called “blender” but may need a unique name (as downloaded) - though out of eight Blender folders on my system, only one contains an executable not labelled “blender”. Maybe some CVS have unique names? (Note: I usually rename the parent folder and as far as I can tell, this hasn’t broken anything but nesting folders might be a problem?)

Maybe download a new blender and drag it, unchanged, into your Applications folder (drag other Blenders out first if need be to prevent overwrite prompts). And see if this works.

The simple answer to this is buy QT-Pro. It’s $30. I usually just get the free key when I buy FC and FCP upgrades. But that’s the program that saves you a lot of head ache if your doing anything in video. Also is a hand video swiss army knife of video tools. I use it nearly everyday.

It did tick me off that FCP doesn’t import image squences. You have to go into QT-Pro do it, then load the movie into FCP. What annoys me there is just work flow. I have to open another program and use it then import instead of being able to do it just from FCP. Breaks the rythme of what I’m doing…

Anyway…that’s my recomendation.

Nope, got it. AndyD, you were right. The problem appears to have been that the directory under /Applications needs to be called “Blender”.

I’m back in business now.

Damn, I should have put money on it after all :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.