Play dough monster!

some characters for a possible live action movie


Hey, that looks really good. All I can say is that it would look really cool if the big green dude were yeling at the little red one and he was cringing with fright!

haha! Thats awesome man! lol and play-dough owns. awesome project :stuck_out_tongue:

so Im just messing with materials this isnt the actual model
but I’m trying to make it look exactly like play dough
the pic on the left has SSS and the pic on the right doesnt which looks better?

changed the sittings and added some textures and its on the SSS setting do you think its starting to look like real play dough? and do you have any ideas to make it better?

i like the first pictures materials…

what so you like about it?
btw here is a picture of real play dough

so I’m making the materials to be more like this

Hey all the best for your project - it’s quite feasible if you want my opinion. As for going for play-dough, you may wish to tweak around with some light settings too. I find having two sources often helps, with the shadow turned off for one of the lights.
However, once it’s animated, the intended audience will no doubt accept the character for what it is.
Take care!

I agree with Kbot,

Lighting will help you out, the black under the play dough looks very abrupt/dark. Multiple lights would help out here to soften this darkness.

ok so the environment has nothing to do with the movie but it has lots of light sources

They look very realistic! I have to admit the Sub Surface scattering really brings out the colour it seems.

lol its good you think it looks realistic because I don’t feel that it looks realistic at all and my brain is about to explode trying to make it perfect

Hey guys so I’m making a live action test that I am rendering as I type.
and I am wondering when you press A on a render to see the alpha it seems to be working fine everything that needs to show up is white but I noticed that when I add motion blur it does not render the motion blur as part of the alpha chanel meaning that the actually colored image with motion blur will be cut off and its edges will not be as if there is not motion blur.
if you can understand this problem lol how do you render the motion blur with the alpha chanel because for my film I will actually need the alpha chanel to have motion blur also

what about this?
You put the alpha-channel in a second seperate motionblur node and in the next step, recombine the image with the new alpha :slight_smile:

…why didnt I think of this!
lol thanks

Ok so I did a render test animation to of what it might look like tell me what you think

and its not the actually 3d model I will be using for the film
nor the camera.
For the film I will be filming mainly with a 35mm

pretty nice. If it was 3D, it’d be scary lol

And it’s often the simplest thing, ppl don’t think about :wink:

lol sorry I am using a 3D model its just I am remodeling that one and making it much better