Play drums, anyone?

Okay, here’s what I have to say:

My friend Jeremiah and I have formed a band, and we’re in desperate need of members. I know technically it’s better to wait until you have a whole band before writing songs, but we’ve written over 50 of them between the two of us, so I guess we’ve reached the point of no return :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeremiah plays bass, and I play guitar. We have our full first album written out (11 tracks), lyrics, music, and all.

We’ve already found a few people who might be able to sing or play keyboard for the band, and possibly another guitarist, but we’ve had no luck at all with drummers. I can play drums, and I have a full drum set as well, but I obviously can’t play guitar and drums live at the same time, and I’d really like to be able to play guitar and not have to resort to playing drums instead if we can’t find a drummer.

So, with all of that said, here are the requirements that we’d like the drummer to meet:

1.) They can play drums well :wink:

2.) They live in the Cincinnati, OH area (we’re not quite willing or able to drive all the way over to someplace like San Fransisco or somewhere else like that :P)

3.) They are Christian. My friend and I are both Christians, and that significantly impacts our music

4.) They are about our age (We’re both 14, so I guess somewhere between the 12 - 15 year range)

5.) They love Rock/Hard Rock music. We don’t want someone joining the band who’s some crazed fan of Justin Beiber, or anything like that.

If you are or you know anyone who meets those requirements, please let me know by either commenting on this or sending me a message.

I know it’s unlikely that any of you will be able to help on this subject, but I guess you already have some idea of how desperate we are if I’m posting it here :no:

why not try programmable drums?

it might not sound that rocky, but you could probably manage to get some interesting sounds from it… plus from band experience, it’s one less person to argue with :wink:

and when you reach a recording studio you can layer it over.

Unfortunately, I mean to play live performances with us, and I’d really prefer a living, breathing drummer for that… And I’ve tried programmable drums before, and, IMO, they really don’t sound that great :frowning:

if you’re really serious, you could try adverts.

I doubt you’ll find anyone on here though;
-the probablility you’ll have a CG artists living near is quite low.
-the probability of that artist using blender narrows it a bit more
-the probability of them playing drums is again, rather low
-however, the probability of them being 12 - 15 is rather high

You didn’t try any good programmable drums then.
Try Addictive drums vsti.

FreeMind, that may be true, but I don’t have $250 either

Eh, craigslist, tho skeevy, would probably be a bit more productive in your search than BA. Or Facebook. Or music shops. Somewhere local. Church maybe? I hear churches are very musical at times.

Most studios and live drumsets use triggers anyways. You get all the samples the sound modules of the triggers use too. If you write a miditrack and use the sample over that for instance with Halion in Cubase, it sounds exactly like real drums, only better.
And there are quite a few bands which have only a sampler as drummer - also for live gigs.

So consider it. Once you played your first gig and are any good, there´s most likely a drummer in the audience asking you later if you would consider one. :wink:

my recommendation would be to find a real drummer, who uses an electronic kit, such as roland or yamaha produces. the reason for this, is because drums are incredibly hard to mic properly for live performances, and they are also big, and hard to move around all the time. The new electronic drums sound essentially no different from actual drums, and they play the same, but have alot of additional options, like multiple voices, and are just better and more practical for live performances. Soooo much nicer just to plug it into the mixer with a single patch cord and have it sound great.

They are Christian. My friend and I are both Christians, and that significantly impacts our music

same here! i wish i could help. but i live out in california, play the saxophone (very rusty now) and write orchestral/jazz music. i can edit audio files, synthesize, and sequence them together though.

I wish I could help, but I can’t play drums at all… Living in MN would be a problem as well.

It’s nice to see you are a Christian :slight_smile:

If you have trouble finding a drummer, you might just have to settle for some synthesized ones for now. If you have a laptop with you hooked up to an amp, or pre-record stuff, you can use Hydrogen (it’s free).

They have binaries for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you use Ubuntu, it is in the Software Center.

I know it’s not great, but if you don’t have a drummer/drum set this is the next best thing. If you make the amp have a little reverb it might help the sound.

By the way, if you can give me the percussion sheets (if you have any) I might be able to run it through Calkwalk Sonar. I’m not sure how to read it (I only play the keyboard), but I should be able to copy it in. The drums sound great, just like real ones if you use a good amp, so you might be able to get away with this. If you want to try it, just give me a private message, or go here:

Listen what modron says, though he has a third eye. Really, not joking (about the music I mean) LOL

Why is being Christina so significant? Not that’s insignificant. But anyway, You can search in the high school and see if there are any kit players looking to be in a band.

Non-christians tend to want to put vain stuff in their rock music. This often is stuff like love (the mushy stuff seen in romance movies), drugs, sex, and money. Such stuff is not really important or not even (cough) good to think about. So there’s the explanation (plus many non-christians wil question why we even choose to put what into our songs and threaten to leave if not changed).

This often is stuff like love (the mushy stuff seen in romance movies), drugs, sex, and money

Its the way you think that matters. What else? We can’t discuss out of these borders. Language is logic, nothing more.

Gotta agree with both of you guys. Religion is often a large influence purely from a sociological standpoint. The things discussed and presented in the music are simply of a different nature, and this is a point of understanding. Like an Australian will almost definately write different music to a european. (I have this first hand, being an Australian living in Italy…) And these differences make a huge impact on the style of music.

Back to the actual topic.
I don’t think that here is the best place to ask, but sure, everywhere is better than half the place. Luck strikes the wierdest places.

Try looking somewhere…broader.

what do you mean by discuss out of these borders?

any ways the content of music does matter to us. because we believe there are certain things you should do a certain way to prevent hurting yourself (i am NOT promoting salvation through works).

TWS, music does not have to be an instructional guide on how to live, or have any message at all. Some music sells religion, some music sells a product, and some music is just for listening or dancing. The content of the lyrics is less mportant than you might think, because most of the time you can’t even understand the lyrics through all the noise. People write about their girlfriends and such, because that is what they know. It doesn’t mean you have to love their girlfriend to love the song. But it gives the song feeling, because it comes from the heart. Angie? Who the heck is Angie? Great song, full of feeling though ( rolling stones tune ).

I’m not criticisng you of this because i’v never heard your music, but beware, maybe it’s different in the states, but when i see a chrisitian rock band that focus on god more than the music, i get put off by them.

I’m not saying your religion shouldn’t be more important than your music, or that you shouldn’t write songs based on your religion, but please try not to use it as your chief selling point. In fact, I think it’s wrong to buy music soley because it’s made by christians, as this disadvantages for example; an islamic rock band.

lots of strong christain stars like brandon flowers are sucsessful without exploiting thier religion for thier publicity.