Play hair Cache in steps?

I am working on a playdough animation imitating scene.
By design, the camera moves at 24 fps, but the character moves at 10 fps.
The character has hair, though, when I cache it, it’s in 24 fps.
Is there any way I could play the hair cache at 10 fps to match the rest of the character? thanks.

The cache’s frame step can be set to values greater than 1, but it will interpolate between those steps, so that won’t help your issue.

But the bigger problem is: even if the hair simulation not interpolate between cache steps, it wouldn’t work for your frame rate. 10 fps is such an unusual rate; 10 isn’t even a factor of 24. If you used a step value of 2 it would effectively give you a frame rate of 12 fps. Why not go with 12 fps instead?