play render button

just updated after some months of using an older build (which I still have to use on one of my project due to some incompatibility that causes a crash if I try to render), that aside why has the play animation button been removed from to render panel, or has it been moved or is there, but I have to reset my preferences or something…I am well aware that there is ctrl+F11…but moving that button seems counter intuitive…if indeed it has been moved or removed.

It’s still there (if you are using the latest build),it should be the last one on the render drop down menu.

yeah I know it’s in the menu…just that it seems counter intuitive to move the play button from the render tab “convenient”…it’s an accessibility thing…the interface takes a nice step forward with the tabbed tools, but a somewhat inconvenient step back…dont get me wrong the audio “render” button is a good add, but should be an “add” not a replacement for something equally useful…counter intuitive…really is.

well I have to revert to my older build for my present projects I am experiencing severe armature breakage (old armatures get mangle if u enter editmode and return to object mode) on one end and very annoying interactivity issues with the node editor…too bad though the subtle interface improvements grew on me right quick…but project breaking issues is a no no for me right now… I have two going on at the same time and both have issues with the latest builds