play some checkers anyone?

ill play any of you…say best outa 5?

Nice! 4 stars

lol thanks

Chess, huh? So where are the rooks, the kings, the queens, the bishops and the knights?
Otherwise fairly decent.

hahaha, nice. But i bet i can chug more than you.

hmm looks like checkers to me… but whats the difference

Great modeling and render
4 stars

It can’t be checkers; in checkers all pawns are on the same color.
3 stars from me

Alright, but there are a few crits (assuming you want some, if not ignore the rest).

Increase the raydepth, you’ve got black areas in the glass.

Also the number of pieces is very low, and there is only one type of piece. If it’s checkers, put the pieces in valid positions.

Maybe look at cropping the render too, to cut down on the wasted white space.

lol this is actually checkers, but i posted the wrong title as im working on the chess version to

the pieces are all in the right place…it just shows that after a few shots the guys are a bit to drunk to think correctly

Now I get it :smiley:
The pawns are cocktails and whenever you catch one, the opponent has to drink the glass. It makes sense now.

lol yeap :slight_smile: its a fun lil game if your bored and can handle a lot of booze… i actualy got this checker, also chess set in my living room…

what renderer?

blender internal

That has got to be the most awesome rendering on a board game I have EVER seen. Love how you made everything glassy andvery soft shadows.:slight_smile: Just great.


what is the blue and red stuff?:confused:

It’s most likely a little drink to make you a little tipsy upstairs ^^

heh i know its some sort of liquor im wondering what kind :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i wasn’t really thinking of that… they are just two very good contrast colors so i decided to use those… plus there are a number of drinks that can be those colors… ill post them if i find a good combo… or some one post if you know of a goof one

Its got to be Smirnoff Blue and Smirnoff Red, not only do you have to beat your opponent at checkers but you loose if your sick, too tired, too drunk to play, or die from alchohol poisoning, or wish you were dead because you’ve just mixed up the two drinks.

Nice stuff, 4 stars.

lol…gues the smirnoff works