Play with particles

An exemple of my particle here (gold sphere).

There is something about thousands of flying particles that just looks awesome in every setting

That is just too cool.

Galaxies of the universe in fast motion. :smiley: Cool stuff! 5*

Can you give us some insight on how you did this? Looks fantastic.

First off, AWESOME! Love it.

Heres a random idea, i dunno if this is even possible, but…
Could it be possible to simulate fluid (cola) being poured into lets say a glass, and then make this fluid mesh a ‘domain’ for the first particle effect shown in your video, the vortex one, then it would lok like bubbles swirling through the cola as its poured?

Random i know, but its what i thought of when i saw the opening shot.

Nice work!

Thank to all.
An exemple of my particle here (gold sphere).
not forgotten to Bake particle (sphere005).

Yes I think it is possible through a collision on the glass (realy bad englich maybe)

However, domain boxes are that, boxes, so maybe the result won’t be very accurate

I think it’s usable on any form. But it is not always well.

Nope, i just checked, fluids can’t react to particles, or vice-versa, IDK
However, you can always fake an effect in some way…