player and enemy dynamic push issues

i have a player (a box with dynamic physics) and an enemy (a box with dynamic physics) the enemy follow the player.

the problem is when the npc move he push the player and when the player move he push the npc, i have tried to make the mass higher in physics, the one with higher mass can’t be pushed but he can push.

what i can do to fix this?

thank you for any help

Isn’t that as expected? Your description sounds like they both try to occupy the same space in your scene. How do you want to deal with this situation?

for the enemy i’m using steering actuator path following with navigation mesh , what i can do to fix the push issues?

The Character type hasn’t had this issue in my experience, any particular reason for dynamic?
And if you’re concerned about the enemy pushing the player, consider writing some code to stop the enemy a certain distance from the player.

use a ray i.c.w the steering actuator, if ray.positive stop walking else walk

oh wow, this topic came in as new 1 year later whaha xD