Player Game Logic

How do I make a character playable? Im fresh to makeing games in blender. I have a book on python coming in 2 weeks so I wont have to ask noobish questions lol. Any python resources? Ive spent the last 2 weeks reading nearly everything in the documentation and did most of the tutorials. Any thing would be helpful.

You might want to focus more of your attention onto learning Blender instead of python at first. Look at the tutorials/game demo sticky at the top of the GE forum. try searching “tutorial” (thread title only). 3dGuru has some good info, look at his threads. Python will help you in the long run, but you sound new to blender, so start with that. Python isnt neccesary to make a complete game.

Depends on the game, usally anything larger than a breakout clone will require python in one form or another.


Self-Adhesive is right in general though, you should concentrate on learning the logic brick system first:

Then when you have that down, and you make a few demos, you can get started with python using this tutorial:

Hope that helps you some. Also, you might want to check out the stickies at the top of the forums, which lead to many tutorials and demos others did for the community.

Good Luck, and welcome to the community.



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