Player movement relative to camera (a la Super Mario Galaxy) in UPBGE

I’m attempting to create a gravity platformer in the style of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. I’ve figured out the gravity mechanic quite well, but the camera and player movement has been difficult to implement. What I want to happen is that the player should move relative to the viewport (ie. if player presses left the character moves to the left of the viewport. See these videos for what I mean:

I’ve tried to look through previous threads, but none I’ve went through have given me what I’ve been looking for. I’ve seen videos where it has been done in Unity or Unreal, but not the BGE/UPBGE, and for the life of me I can’t seem to find it myself.

Thanks to anyone who helps.

try this. its compatible with planet gravity, but a special gravity script is needed. give me a little bit to post it. i was wanting to get the hud builtin first.


There isn’t a resource section for nothing :wink:


Well crap. Didn’t know that existed. I could’ve avoided a few hours of searching threads from 2011 just by looking at the front page. Oops.

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