Player moves with the platform

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Good afternoon everyone, I have a small problem that should be easy to solve but I am not getting XD.
I would like the Player to move along the platform, however, whenever I get on it and stop moving, the player stops too and with that the platform goes away and it falls. I have already changed the physics of both, the type too and nothing.
I am currently using the static type for the platform and the character in the cube.
Could someone help me make the cube follow the platform?

you need what i call artificial friction if you want really perfectly sticky platforms.

what you could do is get a collision sensor on the platform to pick up any object with a certain property and move the object at the same time as the platform moves.

This seems very easy to do I think lol.
I will try XD.

Maybe this help, with some little changes.

Hmmm; I have an idea, when your main character is standing on a platform and is not moving, you want the character to move with the platform isnt it?so, u need to use some sensors for your player, some movement sensors which are set to invert mode and a collision sensor set to the ground, and then connect all this sensors to a message actuator, and when the ground recieves this message, it toggles the make parent actuator and the character gets parented to the ground, and when all of the players motion and collison sensors are false, then the player sends another message to the ground to remove its parent relation, i hope you get it

I had the same problem before. Here is my solution.Platformer_guts.blend (619.1 KB)

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