player rotation control

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem with player/character rotation control.

In essence, what I want to do is have the left and right arrow keys rotate a character in 3D environment left and right (will be along the local y-axis).

I worked on it on one computer (linux), and it worked fine. However, when I try to do the same thing on another computer (windows), its behavior is totally wrong. The player rotates very fast, flips around, and does not rotate along the y-axis. When I set the player object physics type to static, it works fine, but does not work when set as dynamic. Unfortunately, I have to use the windows computer since I need it to run some other stuff alongside the game.

Anybody ever have this problem? Btw, the blender version on the linux machine is Blender 2.63 2.63.0 r46461. On windows it is Blender 2.63 2.63.0 r45996. Would appreciate any input. Thanks

It was a bug with 2.63, use the latest build.

Ahhh I see. Downloaded the new update. Thanks so much!