I’m trying to get the blender player to work on linux (not that i can get it to work on any other platform either). When I try to run it from the command prompt it always tells me that the file is not a compressed or signed blender file (or something along those lines) which isn’t true. Does anyone know how to get it to work? I really want to use the player and not just run the files in publisher.

cheers :slight_smile:

I guess that you’re a bit confused…or it’s me maybe!!!

The Blender Player it’s a web plug-in, that you must “put inside” a
html file and “play” a regular .blend file in a Web browser.
What are you trying to do??


I thought that the game player could play game files like a normal media player. sure seems like more than a web plugin when you try and run it from a command prompt - it is an executable file. I’m working on a project where I’m trying to get the player to run inside PD / GEM (patching environment for audiovisual installation/performance), hoping to have it available as open source before too long. Anyway, I need to basically edit the inputs and outputs of the player, I guess if it’s a web plugin that’ll take more work, but I thought it was more :expressionless:

Hello again

“the Player” surely is a web plug-in
If you have a normal .blend file with interactive/game content in it
you can see/play it in a web browser, or in Blender Creator until version
With the NAN 2.25 Publisher you can do .EXE files that you can “play” like
a normal “game” soft in many platforms (win, linux, …)