How do you create a player? To move around in your enviroment.

you have to model you character and then give it logic. instead of me explaining it all i think its best to for you to refer to a tutorial by OTO at This is a great tutorial that explains how to model, texture, and add logic and a simple walk cycle to a character.


thanks MagicMan about the comments on my tut
But I guess that’s not the better one for really beginners

Basically a player is camera/view
Here you’ve a little environment allready made:

You can use the this “player” in you own scenes ( as I did, this is the Walktrough
template made by the Blender developers)

If you want other style of player just add a camera and link some Keyboard sensors and Move actuators to it

High quality render ! Respect your-good work.
You to make game “ROBOT AHMETOV”

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There blend file -

I see, so most of the games on the net for blender 3d, have just the camera as the player?

That depends on the type of game you want to make
Most of the times you need a mesh object ( body) to get hited by weapons
or just to get detected by walls or others