Player's attack destroing a crate

i have a character rigged and i made him a simple attack move that he executes when i press the “E” button. here is an example of what i want to make : inn the room there is a crate, when player collides with the crate nothing happens the player stops and the crate dont move,but if i press the attact button “E” and with it i touch the crate the crate is destroyes. I tryed to figure a way to do this but i am too new to BE for that

Sometimes the best thing to do instead of trying to make a game right away, is to just play with everything and see how it works. The logic bricks are your tools.

Thanks for the replay but i didnt want to sound like : "i just discovered blender and where can i found a tutorial to make a game like doom 3 ? ". I read a lot of tutorials about the logic bricks and now i am experimenting all the things it can do but instead of moving a cube around i made a simple robot with an armature of 6 bones and made him a few actions. Now i was curious how would i go if i wanted to make it interact more with the enviroment : destroy a crate. So any help would be helpfull

Here’s a crappy way to do it:

Add something next to the attack hand (plane, cube, whatever) give it a property and parent it to the hand bone or something (so it’ll go with the attack movement) then give the crate a collision sensor with the property you gave the object thing. Then use the edit object actuator, end object thing. That might work, there’s probably a better way to do it but i don’t really care :smiley:

Too tired to actually think straight at the moment so sorry :slight_smile:

Here’s a method I use:

Up Arrow=move
Left=turn left
Right=turn right

My method is based around properties and collision sensors. Everytime SPACE is pressed a timer activates, and when the timer reaches a specific variable, the crate is destroyed. The crate can only be destroyed, however, if the player is in contact with the crate. If this sounds confusing, I’m sorry. Check out the file and you’ll get a better undestanding, I hope.

Oh yeah, you can keep the sword and crates if you want. I have so many weapon models, mainly bladed weapons, so I afford to lose a few.

Seriously though, I would try to design an overall system to make almost any item break or react to attack. Crate break = monster break etc.

Microwave and Shn275 : thanks a lot for the tips. i will try them both and let you know

hehe i would also like to make an enviroment in which i can destroy everything but for now i will be happy if i destroy just one crate :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the feeling, I’m working on “destroyable” enviroments for a different program and having some troubles.

Hey, here is a level that me and mooman did a while ago. It has all kinds of things that explode. Feel free to pick it apart. No Python, its 100% Logic bricks.

Hope this helps