playin around with hardops

(remib) #1

Hi, i slowly try to learn blender, so many things to do with it… for the moment i have a hardops attempt, one of my first cycle render with this tool…

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a new render with some details added… hardops is a must !!!

(HelloHiHola) #3

HardOps is incredible as is Blender. Food for thought:

Consider starting a library of HardOps shape experiments and then kitbash them together in a new Blend to create something intricate and larger! I will eventually but I’m otherwise engaged. At the link, that user smashes someone else’s hard surface shapes together. Just a thought! Welcome.

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Hi, HelloHiHola
taking some shapes and pack it would be better for sure, but for the moment i need to learn the tool and also some basics functions with blender. my goal is to be able to produce hardsurfaces on demand for characters and game elements which have to be customized… just like this shape i started some few minutes ago… have a nice day

(radius688) #5

Hello, everyone! I bought HardOps some time ago, and have the most recent version. Can anyone direct me to any instructional material or videos? I have come across a lot of demos, but nothing that really explains the various functions and features of the tool. HardOps looks to be to be an extremely useful tool, and I don’t want to overlook any of it’s features.


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Thanks, Benny G! How on earth did I miss this?