Playing about with Noteworthy Composer

I’ve been experimenting with different instrument effects and the like, and also just discovered how to make drums:D
And so, I present my latest attempt at ‘music’.
Comments are welcome as I’m trying to improve my composing ‘skills’ :o :smiley:

It sounds like video-game music in that it relies heavily on repetition. It’s not bad though, there’s no problems with the harmony or anything. All in all, pretty decent.

i like it. nice key change, good motif. right at the end tho, where you run thru the scale, like in the last measure, spice it up a bit with a two eighth notes instead of two quarters…down-up- -up- -up-down-up and end on the upbeat, since the motif is very upbeat.

Like the melody, nice and upbeat. The long, long, long, long sustained single note got to be kind of annoying, though, like the drone on a bagpipe. That part needs a bit of variety, even if it’s just a short rest every now and then, or a little arpeggio flourish.

Wasn’t this program freeware once? :eek:

Thanks for the comments everyone:)
BlackBoe: That’s mainly because I couldn’t come up with more things for the melody to do:o
RogerWickes: Which bit do you mean, the bit the xylophone’s playing in the background at the end, or the bit where it goes back from chord IV to chord I and the other xylophone-like thingy goes up and down through the notes (the bit that’s repeated three times)?:confused:
Orinoco: I see what you mean, I propably should have added more to that part, but I sort of ran out of ideas:o
Laughing Cheese: Was it?:eek: If only I’d known about it then…

That’s pretty nice (the long note at the beginning does get annoying though). It reminds me of something I would hear in a game made by nintendo.

the other xylophone-like thingy goes up and down through the notes. Unless its a rap song, repetition should be at the 4 bar or 8 bar level; anything shorter gets annoying, unless it is quickly layered over with another motif. Set a motif, and then explore it by varying either a note or two within it, or, as i suggested, varying the tempo or pentameter. So, a down-down-down-down beat could be explored to down-up-up-down, changing the pentameter without affecting the overall length or notes.

Alden: Yes, parts of it were inspired by one of the tunes in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. BTW, the long note at the beginning is supposed to be a choir, although with the rubbish MIDI sound I have, it sounds more like a sort of screeching sound:eek:
Maybe I should have made it quieter?
RogerWickes: Oh, right, I see what you mean. Now that I listen to it, it propably should be less repetitive:o, I’ll try and avoid doing that in future. Thanks for the tips BTW:D