Playing alone

It happens, sometimes.
Well when we choose it … Not good when imposed.

Watercolor on 600gr/m2 paper.
No drawing.

Hope u enjoy

Very nice.
Interesting shadow casting. How so sharp? Interesting.
No drawing? There is some of it.

Hi Michails,
it was not done a drawing gradient chiaroscuro; only an outline sketch. :wink:

I should explain better … why there is so sharp, or how it was made?
She is repairing from light (feelings) … The more the light is strong. more the shadow is dark (our shadow). Light outside, shadow inside. In this case, the internal and external shadow coincide. Maybe …
My English limps … sorry!
I hope to happen some feeling
thanks again

I like it, show us some more watercolor stuff!

Water color… one of the things I could just never do… oils… clay… enamels,… crayola… pen and ink…
but watercolor … it reamains one of those untouchable arts for me…

the people who can do it… like yourself… are just Wizards… just plain ol’ Majik…

Oh! that is just so SAD!

Well done, mulinrouge, very well done.

What is that guy playing with?