Playing around with Cycles

HI Everibody,

This is my first try with Cycles. Let me now your opinion please!



You captured the green part of the can beautifully. It looks very photo-realistic. Very well done.

The water on the table is fantastic too. You got that right.

There are two things that stand out though. The gold part of the can is too rough. It needs a bit more specularity. I find the tops of aerosol cans like this tend to be not raw metal but unfinished. I don’t know if that makes sense. It is very hard for me to explain and I could be completely wrong since I’m not familiar with this product.

The second thing, and this isn’t a very big deal are the water droplets on the side of the can. I think it would look great if a few of them (maybe the larger ones) were running down the can a bit. I think that’s more of a personal preference though.

It’s great work though. I am very impressed.

the top image with the water spraying up is excellent, you might want to make the bottom of the can a silver or gold though. Usually these types of cans aren’t painted on the bottom.

the last two images are great except for the water droplets on them. they look too uniform and reflective, i guess, sort of like mercury or glass instead of water.

congrats on an awesome first try with Cycles:)

Looks pretty sweet. I will say though, the splash picture doesn’t look very realistic / you can tell how many water elements you used. Also, on the top down view, I think the water would raise off the surface of the table more (surface tension causing a very round / tall puddle edge)