Playing around with nodes, halo lights, and mechanical modeling

OK, I was really bored. And I didn’t have a whole of inspiration. So I though I’d make a bridge, to nowhere, like the one in ED. Mainly, I wanted to experiment with RGB Curves, glow, volumetric lights, and brush up on my mechanical modeling.

So here it is. The first image is without nodes, the second is with:

Scene Shot:

Buffer-Shadowed with the Blender Internal Renderer.


awesome, but theres no sense of scale…

still looks awesome though :smiley:

As I can’t create any characters myself, the scale can be anything you imagine it to be. But I like to think of the doorway behind the bridge being able to accommodate a human being, but no larger.


Great example of post-processing work. Even more appreciated that no ray tracing was used (good for animation). What is actual render time?

Have you tried? I you make the bridge huge, which it looks like it should be, you wouldn’t need any detail at all (like hands and a face). Adding some scale would add a lot to the picture.

Edit: I just played around in photoshop:


Yeah, just model a 2D figure even, and it would work.

Sense of scale is one of the most overlooked aspects of art.

The render time, on 2 threads, is 1 min 2 secs at HD quality (1920x1080x32). Though, for an animation, the scene would have to be a little more complete, as it’s only good at that one angle really.

As for characters, yes I have experimented with characters from MakeHuman before. Needless to say, I’m not good at making them. But I will try to put a Makehuman character in. And perhaps while I’m at it I’ll make some lighting corrections, as I noticed an error in lighting being cast by a spot behind the scene!


New attempt with character for scale:

Added a MakeHuman man, removed a few spots, added shadow only spot. Some post-pro noise and frame added in Corel Photo-Paint.


great :smiley: