Playing around with VFX in Blender

So I’m working on this short film and plan on using Blender to handle the VFX. This is the product of a few tests. I animated the fairy and composited it in all in Blender. Any suggestions on how I might improve on what I’ve got here? Thanks in advance!

Link to the video: VFX Fairy Test in Blender

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Look great!

My thoughts on stuff to enhance:

  1. Desaturate the highs and lows of the fairy to make it more realistic / match the background more.
  2. Emphasize the nice motion paths of the fairy with more particles/emissive smoke that trail very clearly and/or a second output of the scene with motion blur cranked way up composited in.
  3. Transfer a very small amount of the glow to the whole shot to make it gel.
  4. Color grade the shot together.
  5. Add a subtle film grain to the whole shot.

Apologies if some of the above is redundant with things you have already done! Nice work!

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