Playing avi files in Game Engine for Web Plugin

Has anyone done this before? - Had movies playing inside of their game which was then used in the web plugin and worked successfully?

Either the movies are triggered to play when the viewer gets close to them (within range) or they just play constantly and loop etc.

My project is building a Virtual Gallery where Video Works are playing on floating 'screen’s inside of a walkthrough which is displayed online through the web plugin.
I am using Blender 2.42, Erwins web plugin for IE.

I have pretty limited knowledge but if anyone could point me in the right direction or are interested in the project - would be much appreciated.

I think nobody has done this thing. Video texture plug-in is close to your requirements, but it has to be joined to blender web plug-in and compiled with it together to get it work. Personally I know too little on web plug-in so I can’t help you much.

so plugins are .dll files?
how do you run them and how do you know when they are linked to your .blend file and functioning correctly? sorry, im already afrsid this project if out of my league but im willing to give it a shot - thanks for your quick response

Blender Web plug-in is very special animal, it has many restrictions compared to Blender or Blender Player. As far as I know Blender Web plug-in is ActiveX control with restricted python scripting (no external modules can be used), so everything has to be compiled into it.

so your game video plugin cant be put into the web plugin? yet?
do you think perhaps my virtual gallery project playing video in-game through the webplugin is unachievable with blender at this time?

  1. No, video texture plugin can’t be used with web plugin at its current state (but I believe it can be adapted to web plugin).
  2. Yes, I think blender web plugin is not able to play in-game videos at its current state. (I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. :no: )

I don’t know if ‘ultimate blender’ is still available, but it had a video player in the game engine. basically it was the same as in AGS. Once you activate it, a window pops up and plays the video. I can’t remember who wrote it, but I think it was either guitargeek or erwin?

i dont think it is available, i looked it up and all i could find was food processors.
im really just wondering if you think it is possible. inside of what i need it to be - interactive and online - if not, just say. im not wanting to chug along here trying to make something that ultimatley wont do what im hoping it will. hopefully you get what i mean

ROFL! A side effect of Blender’s “unique” name. ROFL!! :smiley: