Playing different Actions at the same time


I just thought of a possibility that could improve the animations in my game by a lot! But I am not sure if it is even possible or how to do it.

I want to play two different animation actions at the same time.
For example:
In a snowboard game, while the rider is gaining speed he is adopting a more ducked stance. (this would be action n° 1).
While doing a left/right turn he leans left/right (action n° 2).

Since action n° 1 is dependent on the velocity, it is impossible to play action n° 2 for each possible frame, therefore I would need to play two different actions at the same time.

So now the question is… is this possible? If not, I have to find a whole other approach.

Thanks in advance for responses!


it could be possible, but ive only encountered weirdness in my endeavors to stack animations.

but you would use animation layers and the layer weight settings. i cant give any further advice since i havent tried this specifically.

Yes, I played around with the animation layers, but didn’t get any acceptable results. Only weirs things happen then…

If I’m not mistaken, action layers are broken and have been since version 2.76. See this thread for more info.

Is this also an issue with UPBGE? Because that’s what I’m using…

I haven’t tried using UPBGE. You can easily check by downloading the blend file in the bug report and opening it in UPBGE.

Its fixed in UPBGE. :smiley:

_Para que as animações não entrem em conflito é necessário coloca-las uma em cada Layer no actuator.

1ª animação, atuador-Ação-Camada 0.
2ª animação, atuador-ação-camada 1.

Espero ter ajudado.

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