Playing modeling history

I was teaching a Blender class yesterday. One of the students apparently figured out how to playback his modeling history, almost like a preview, only it was showing the steps of construction, step by step.

He wasn’t sure how he had done it. I looked through the manuals and didn’t find anything to tell me how this might have been done. I could find how to step through manually, but not with an automatic looping through the steps, hands free. Any clues?

That sounds very odd. As a person teaching a blender class, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the operator history, but maybe some sort of sidelane feature of that? Huh, it’s got me stumped…

Do you mean the Undo History ( CTRL+ALT+Z) ?

Yes, I’m familiar with the operator history. I wasn’t sure if the student had stumbled onto a new feature of 2.71 that allowed the operator history list to be played in a similar fashion to a preview as he was getting the process to loop through a series of steps with his hands off of the keyboard.

I can see how to redo steps and play them one by one, but not automatically as the student stumbled onto. :spin:

Thanks everyone for the confirmation that I’m not being completely dense.

Thanks. This was more like he was playing the entire history list over and over showing what had been done step by step without adding to what got done, hands off.