Playing my Blender Animations

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that this is a little off topic. I have recently changed my system over to Linux, and have just discover that there is not a viewer installed in the system that can play animations. I can certainly view my animations in Blender but that is a tad inconvienent when I want to show them to anyone.

Does anyone know a viewer I can installl? I am using Redhat 9.0, with Gnome, Blender 2.26



If you have Redhat 9.0, then you most probably have a lot of animation viewers to choose from…

Let’s see…

Redhat runs Gnome from default. so you most probably need to search for a program called “xview” or something… also you must have “xawtv”, but I’m not sure…

The problem with most video player programs in linux, is that they don’t all support, all the available video formats…

But don’t worry, cause there are a few cool programs, that can do the work for you. You only have to download them and install them… Here’s some of them:




I can’t provide you with links, cause I don’t remember them right now, but you can easily find them if you do a search in yahoo, or google, or any other search engine you prefer…

Have in mind that mplayer and xine are the best and they can even play DivX…

I hope this helps…

<EDIT> I just forgot to mention that mplayer is my favorite… :wink:


Thanks Spyros,

I am downloading MPlayer now. On another note my previous post moved me from a newbie to a regular, so I’m pretty chuffed about that :smiley:


blender -a startingframe

you know blender’s anim player, it can be run on it’s own, with the usual lack of buttons, and usual controls. (mouse, numpad, esc…)