Playing sounds across scenes

Is it possible to play background music between scenes using logic bricks? Specifically, between a menu screen and the game screen. I’ve read about pygame, but before I go down that route I thought I’d ask…


When you say between, do you mean a loading screen?

You’ve got two main choices;
1)use a main scene for all the logic that stays between scenes, then use overlay scenes as the game scenes
2)use python and audaspace (import aud). google audaspace for more information :slight_smile:

I would create a scene that is just the music, and then add that at the beginning of the game, and just don’t remove it. (similar to agoose77’s first option.)

Here is an example file:music_across_scenes.blend (640 KB)

Let me know how things go!

I used an overlay screen and its working well, the game is almost finished, just one more problem to overcome and I’ll post the finished game…


Great, glad to hear things are working for you. :smiley: