Playing two actions at the same time

I will like to make a game character play two actions at the same time but I don’t know how to do so.

use layers for play animation - armature.playAction(“walk”, 0, 50, blendin=5, layer=1)
armature.playAction(“arms_walk”, 0, 50, blendin=5, layer=2), or use actuators play actions

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the bone channels of upper animation layer will replace the channels of lower animation layer. You can still blend or add the lower layers into the upper one ( the “add” option might be buggy in some circumstances) .

2 animations that don’t share channels will not interfere at all : ie : you play scale animation on layer 0 , location animation of layer 1 and rotation animation on layer 2 … Goes same for the bones, you can animate the upper and lower body independently, even though, your usual rig will make it look funny.

Also better start and stop the 2 animations in the same time